well here we are…

the flight into the UK was very uneventful (which when it comes to flying, is a very good thing). had a window seat which makes me very happy. slept a little, read a little, slept a little more, watched the movie Catch Me if You Can (again!!!!), blah, blah, blah.

Stephan (my partner here in crime) was at the airport to pick me up so even that went without a hitch. small problem with the hotel and my reservation but due to working far more years in the hospitality industry than i want to admit, the problem hardly fazed me. to make a long story short, i stayed in a different hotel for the first night but i’m back to where i should be now in the good ol’ Travel Inn in jolly ol’ Hatfield England.

Yesterday was a bank holiday (not sure what that means) here in England so Stephan and i worked from the hotel lounge (no, we weren’t drinking). the telco carrier has provided us with a new sony ericsson p800 and excuse my language, but this phone kicks ass! it has the symbian OS which is refreshing from the other phone OS’s that we deal with. the phone has a solid connection manager and connections to the internet are very reliable and quick. i have some minor complaints about the UI but that is because i am normally a microsoft boy and have been conditioned to their stuff. anyway, rumour has it that the phone will be available on canada sooooooon so if comes out, it is definitely worth a look.

the offices here are ultra modern. they (the carrier) just moved into these offices a few months ago and i assume that it is home for several thousand employees (at least). so it is a fairly large campus. there are 3 starbucks located within the campus so i’m doin’ juuuust fine. they play very funky ambient future music in the lobbies. there are attractive ‘mobile’ receptionists walking around with bluetooth headsets making sure you are helped offering free cups of coffee at one of the starbuck’s. :-) hmmm, let me seeee, attractive women, covered in state of the art electronics, offering free starbucks coffee…. damn, i can’t seem to get this wedding ring off… :-) kidding! miss you baby!

so here we are. we are waiting for the boys back in vancouver to release the next build which should clear up a few bugs they’ve come across. its 4am in vancouver so you know they are having a good day… or night… the team working on this back at IW is amazing. the short time line, the new technology, the overtime… unbelievable.

well, i need to scram. the pm for the project here is sitting on the other side of my cube and he is demoing this new hardware which i’ve got to tell you about. he has a camera attached to the ceiling about 20 feet from his desk. on his desk he has a ‘base station’ with a sierra wireless aircard 710 (gprs) which receives the images from the wireless camera. the base station then puts the images on the net or bluetooths the images to his phone if he is in range… pretty cool stuff.

anyway. lunch is calling so it’s off to one of the staff cafeterias for some bangers and mash (whatever that is).


oh wait! one last note. a VERY special happy birthday to MY MOM! I wish I was there to share it with you but we’ll have to cram all of those special days that we miss with one another into one crazy day in august when you come out.

love you mommy!

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