the journey continues…

and here we are again…

some of you know that you don’t know where we are. and some of you who know where we are, are wrong. so the next several updates will be confusing for some, enlightening for others, and perplexing for all… life is never easy. (nor is typing on a foreign keyboard)

but the powers that be (namely rachel) prefers that we withold the exact location of our wherabouts till… whenever.

so i will be updating the blog with events, situations and the odd picture. but there will be no exact geographical location mentioned.

apparently, we need to keep one step ahead of the always annoying paparatzi.

here we go.

I think we are going the wrong way…


everything so far has been going great! better than great. everything has fallen into place perfectly and even better than expected. no flights were delayed, the guy to pick us up at the airport was actually there holding a sign with our names on it, hotel reservation in tact. train tickets waiting for us. so on and so on.

The people in (thought i would slip, eh?) have been wonderful. we stick out a bit in some places so we get stared at often. but thats ok. as long as they aren’t checking out how to steal our bags…

The train for here to there was a night train so we got a small cabin that allowed us to sleep the night. unfortunatly, as tired as we were, we didn’t sleep much. i guess jet lag is still in full swing. the trains in this country are old and very noisy. so that didn’t help much. but it was still an interresting thing to do. at least we didn’t waste the 8 hours traveling during the day where I think, a day would have been wasted.

We are now in the country’s capital running some errands and tomorrow we will bus out further to another area. this too is a very historical place that looks like it has very unique accomodations. pictures to follow i’m sure…

a beautiful picture of rachel before yesterdays breakfast in a neighbouring cafe.

i’m not even going to comment on this… if you know where this is, i would appreciate it if you did not write it everywhere in your comments… 😉

excuse my french… but what the hell? i think i’ll wait till i get back to the hotel, but thanks…

this photo was taken only about an hour ago.

thats it for now. so far we’ve had some luck with the internet cafe’s but who knows how long that will last. i’m looking forward to getting out of this capital city as it is not very attractive (millions of people everywhere though). and every single person smokes which believe it or not (mark and calvin) is quite discusting. still fascinating to watch another culture.


ps, don’t even think about correcting my grammar and/or spelling… :-0

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