The Definition of Wrong…

As I walked into the public men’s room yesterday at a local shopping mall (oops, I mean shopping centre. they don’t use the word ‘mall’ here), I found something that leaves me speechless and baffled.

A lone man was using the ‘troff’ ‘trough’, as one does, while… and get this… talking on the cell phone. I says pardon?

Now this is wrong on SO many different levels.

First, its just plain rude. As a bystander (as it were), I’m a captive hostage to his phone drivel, while I relieve myself.

Second, and what has me truly baffled, is that I’m a two hand kind of guy. If you catch my drift. How you can wrangle your business while holding a cell phone to your head is simply beyond me. I once walked into a washroom to find a guy standing there with both hands on his hips! I still haven’t figured that one out.

And third, I’m pretty sure it’s un-hygenic. Not positive though. Do you think he’s going to wash his phone once he’s thru? Which reminds me; I’m pretty sure that I’m the only male person in modern civilization to actually wash their hands after using the washroom. I’m not kidding. Remember that next time you shake some guy’s hand ladies.

He was on the phone when I went in. And he was still there, doing his thing, talking on the phone when I was done.

So I did the only thing I could do. I hit the hot air hand dryer. The loud hot air hand dryer. Hell, the person on the other end of his line should at least know where their conversation is coming from.

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