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The Original Hipster

It doesn’t take Fathers Day for me to think about my Dad. I do all the time. Rachel asked me the other day if all this talk about Fathers was making me sad. A valid question. Thinking about it I had to say no, it doesn’t make me sad. At least no more than the pangs of sadness I get occasionally when I think of how much I miss him. On the contrary, I like thinking about my Dad. Its comforting to me knowing that I knew him. That he was a big part of my like and has helped shaped me to be the person I am today. I like the reminder and I more than anyone is a little surprised by that.

So to Dad… I do miss you but I talk to you every day. And if you could tell me where you left the clothes you’re wearing in this fishing trip, that would be awesome!


That’s the sound of Christmas whizzing by. It went as fast as it came.

Mind you, its only the 27th and I still have another week off. Not to mention the parents are coming out this Thursday. So the holiday is still in full swing.

I was muchos spoiled this year. Our family decided to do wish lists for the first time to make gift shopping easier. It would also limit the number of gift returns. Ya, I know, when I put it that way it sounds like we’re sucking the spirit out of Christmas. Well, I can’t argue with the results! It was a very merry x-box Christmas.

I mentioned on my list that I wouldn’t mind a few x-box games. So, I received Madden 2005, FIFA 2005, Spiderman 2, and NHL 2005 which I already have so it needs to be exchanged for something else. I listed the novel The DaVinci Code and received that. Some great clothes… um LOTR Return of the King DVD… a framed photo of me & my dad which was quite touching. Crazy man, crazy.

On Christmas day, we went out to our friends Daryll and Renee to have Christmas dinner with them and their two little boys. It was nice being around kids on Christmas. I can’t believe I just said that. We bought the boys a hot wheels set which taught me a very valuable lesson… I will never, ever buy a gift for kids that require assembly. Ever again. But we had a great time.

Since the weather was so great today, we walked to downtown and hung out. Most relaxing.

So that’s it for now. New Years still to come and few more days to sleep in (and play x-box).

Hope you are all have a very Merry Christmas.

back on the plane.

my stay in Vancouver is short lived. today at 5:55pm, i’m back on a plane to the UK for 2 weeks. time to start packing…

my initial concerns about the trip have now changed to anticipation. which obviously is a good thing. i’m the type of person who hates surprises. i’m not talking about the “happy birthday!!!” kind of surprise but the “i didn’t see that question coming!” kind of surprise. i hate walking into a room blind. the inability to be prepared is a sign of weakness. nothing drives me more crazy when people waste my time asking a question, that results in me asking them 5 more questions, none of which they can answer… every question has an answer but every question can also spawn an infinite number of more questions that will lead you to the answer of the first. if you can anticipate the other questions, then more often than not, you will conclude the answer to the original question.

but i digress…

as i am getting more familiar with the product that i will be supporting there, my comfort level rises. as i draft the user acceptance test plans, my comfort level rises as i will have tangible demonstrations of our own testing practices. and as i familiarize myself with our relationship with this telco carrier, my understanding of my own purpose and the part i play in it becomes more apparent.

life isn’t hard. if you don’t know the answer to the question, start answering the easy questions first. before you know it, the original question will be answered or… maybe you’ll forget what you were asking…

but what the hell do i know.

and so it goes…

well, rachel and i have already had a few drinks so this will be quick. not to mention, there is something wrong with this keyboard which is annoying me to no end…

just got into our next town and will be here for a few days. not to sound like a cliche, (or drunk) but this is the most magical place i have ever been in my entire life. even more than walt disney world… which, erroneously claims to be the most magical place on earth… due to the type of rock and a millenium of erosion, the local peolpe have built their homes into the towering pillars of rock. there is a snow capped mountain that looks like a volcano in the distance. local children play soccer amongst the coblestone streets no larger than a small alley way. and you are surrounded by these pillars of rock that house famillies. homes that have probably been passed down from generation to generation for about a thousand years. check out the site tomorrow for some pictures. hopefully this guy has usb ports on his machines.

and one last note, we received a wonderful email from rachel’s beautiful sister laura. we can’t post it now but we will later in the week. thanks sis.

this area has rock formations which the native people have turned into dwellings. it’s a small village pulled right out of a tolkien novel. i wish i could put up some pics but i am starting to sober up and… well, i am on holidays for heavens sake.

so let me close with a hiddie ho. all is ok. will come back tomorrow with some amazing pictures (technology pemitting)