great guy from Japan

while we were in turkey, we met these two japanese people, yosuko & hitoshi. this was on a mini bus tour of some of the sites in cappadocia and hitoshi joined us at our pension for diner that night. i think i blogged about it but he brought his guitar and sang a few tunes. it was a great evening and he is a great guy.

he just wrote an email to rachel the other day and i have to post it. his english is far better than my japanese but it is still his second language. the fact that he put this together and contacted us means a great deal.

both hitoshi and yosuko surprised us at our wedding as they traveled, by bus, for 12 hours to get to selcuk. i sincerely hope we come across both hitoshi and yosuko again.

Hi Rachel!

Long time no see!
How are you? Poni is fine too? —> (yes, he calls me Poni, rach calls me Paulie)
I’m fine and at home in Japan now.
Thank you for everything in Turkey.
Thanks to you I could make a lot of wonderful memories of that travel.

Congratulations on your wedding once more!
Your wedding reception was so lovely and splendid.
That is unforgettable event and wonderful gift for me too.
I am sorry that I am only given by you and giving you nothing.
How about newly-married life?
I think you two are enjoying so happy life.

I am exchanging e-mails with Yasuko some times.
She seems so fine and applying herself to her piano.

My photos in Turkey have been developed.
They are so lovely and remind me of many sweet memories there.
There are a lot of your smiling faces in those.
I would like to send you photos, and if you don’t mind, please tell me
your mailing address.

I feel lucky to have been able to meet good persons like you.
I hope to see you again someday.

With best wishes,


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