don’t piss me offf…

Day four into the cleanse and I’m mad. At what? I’m not sure but I’m angry most of the time. Everything annoys me. The sun, the rain, the clouds… My co-workers (especially), my friends, their cars and all other cars on the road. Except blue cars. They’re nice.

The caffeine withdrawal headaches are horrendous. I want to hit something, anything. Not a good state of mind for someone who works in QA (who’s job it is to find very annoying problems… very frickin’ annoying bugs) and surrounded by expensive equipment. I’m sitting beside a $5000 tablet PC which I’m sure would shatter if I threw it hard enough against the head of the person standing beside me. hmmm… shatter.

But then I’m fine! Spring has sprung, the birds are singing! The flowers are blooming and everything is beautiful. Have I told you today how much I love every single one of you? We’re truly all of God’s children…. queue violins.

But please, just don’t fu@#$ng piss me off because as God as my witness, I will rip off your pathetic little arm and beat you senseless with the mushy end.

Have a great day.

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