the road less traveled

and so it goes…

well, rachel and i have already had a few drinks so this will be quick. not to mention, there is something wrong with this keyboard which is annoying me to no end… just got into our next town and will be here for a few days. not to sound like a cliche, (or drunk) but this is the most magical place i have ever been in my entire life. even more than walt disney world… which, erroneously claims to be the most magical place on earth… due to the type of rock and a millenium of erosion, the local peolpe […]

the journey continues…

and here we are again… some of you know that you don’t know where we are. and some of you who know where we are, are wrong. so the next several updates will be confusing for some, enlightening for others, and perplexing for all… life is never easy. (nor is typing on a foreign keyboard) but the powers that be (namely rachel) prefers that we withold the exact location of our wherabouts till… whenever. so i will be updating the blog with events, situations and the odd picture. but there will be no exact geographical location mentioned. apparently, we need […]

We’re still alive!!

hello ladies and gentlemen…. we’ve made it!!! all is well after what was a fairly brutal flight. the question that stands though is where ‘where’ is. ahh yes, i speak in my riddled tongue. my lawyers have me on a restraining order and i’ve already said too much… the flight was long and boring. but i would rather take a boring flight than an exciting flight… the weather has been surprisingly cool. yesterday it felt no warmer than 15 degrees. mind you we didn’t get in till the evening after sun down but still. today it has warmed up nicely […]