nothing better to do…


well here we are… the flight into the UK was very uneventful (which when it comes to flying, is a very good thing). had a window seat which makes me very happy. slept a little, read a little, slept a little more, watched the movie Catch Me if You Can (again!!!!), blah, blah, blah. Stephan (my partner here in crime) was at the airport to pick me up so even that went without a hitch. small problem with the hotel and my reservation but due to working far more years in the hospitality industry than i want to admit, the […]

back on the plane.

my stay in Vancouver is short lived. today at 5:55pm, i’m back on a plane to the UK for 2 weeks. time to start packing… my initial concerns about the trip have now changed to anticipation. which obviously is a good thing. i’m the type of person who hates surprises. i’m not talking about the “happy birthday!!!” kind of surprise but the “i didn’t see that question coming!” kind of surprise. i hate walking into a room blind. the inability to be prepared is a sign of weakness. nothing drives me more crazy when people waste my time asking a […]