good stuff…

ah… friends.

What can I say? I was going to place a sarcastic comment about how annoying you all are but sometimes my humour doesn’t translate well via the blog. ahem. But really, since we’ve been back we’ve been so incredibly fortunate to get to see many of the friends that we’ve missed since moving away. You sometimes take your friends for granted thinking that they will be around forever. The day after getting back to Vancouver we found that some very close friends had moved back out east just days before our return. It’s odd how it affected us. We were […]

The Cart Before the Horse

So, we tend to do things a bit backwards. A few years ago, I bought a camera flash from Broadway Camera on… Broadway. I can’t remember all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ but for whatever reason, I had to return it. I think maybe it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Broadway Camera however don’t do cash refunds. After fighting with the clerk there for some time, he finally agreed to give me an in-store credit. Whatever. About a year later, I’m taking a course at Langara and need some camera equipment. I used a portion of the in-store credit with Broadway […]

great guy from Japan

while we were in turkey, we met these two japanese people, yosuko & hitoshi. this was on a mini bus tour of some of the sites in cappadocia and hitoshi joined us at our pension for diner that night. i think i blogged about it but he brought his guitar and sang a few tunes. it was a great evening and he is a great guy. he just wrote an email to rachel the other day and i have to post it. his english is far better than my japanese but it is still his second language. the fact that […]

Going… going… gone…

I had the fortunate experience to go to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago with friends. We went to cheer on our buddy Alex who was participating in the Lavaman triathlon. While Alex started his race around 7:30am, we arrived around 8:30 as some of the participants were on the […]