The Definition of Wrong…

As I walked into the public men’s room yesterday at a local shopping mall (oops, I mean shopping centre. they don’t use the word ‘mall’ here), I found something that leaves me speechless and baffled. A lone man was using the ‘troff’ ‘trough’, as one does, while… and get this… talking on the cell phone. I says pardon? Now this is wrong on SO many different levels. First, its just plain rude. As a bystander (as it were), I’m a captive hostage to his phone drivel, while I relieve myself. Second, and what has me truly baffled, is that I’m […]

The Original Hipster

It doesn’t take Fathers Day for me to think about my Dad. I do all the time. Rachel asked me the other day if all this talk about Fathers was making me sad. A valid question. Thinking about it I had to say no, it doesn’t make me sad. At least no more than the pangs of sadness I get occasionally when I think of how much I miss him. On the contrary, I like thinking about my Dad. Its comforting to me knowing that I knew him. That he was a big part of my like and has helped […]