ah… friends.

What can I say? I was going to place a sarcastic comment about how annoying you all are but sometimes my humour doesn’t translate well via the blog. ahem.

But really, since we’ve been back we’ve been so incredibly fortunate to get to see many of the friends that we’ve missed since moving away. You sometimes take your friends for granted thinking that they will be around forever. The day after getting back to Vancouver we found that some very close friends had moved back out east just days before our return. It’s odd how it affected us. We were under the illusion that all would be the same. Nothing could possibly change while we were gone. And 2 of the people that were on the top of our list to get back together with were gone. It really knocked the wind out of our sails a bit. Suddenly nothing was the same. Everything had changed. And we didn’t know where we fit in between the two worlds we had created for ourselves.

This may sound a bit melodramatic and to some degree it is. But I think we were caught a little off guard as to how much it did effect us. Ironically, they probably felt the same way when we declared we were heading to Australia the year before. Stupid poetic justice.

But since those early days back, we’ve pretty much been re-socializing with just about everyone we know. We’ve met some new fantastic people and have gotten together with long lost friends who’ve moved back to Vancouver. And there are so many more people we want to see.

So basically, I could post what we did last night. Or the night before. Or a big thank you to everyone that came out Friday night (thank you!) or that we ran into Maria on the sea wall the other day (it’s been a while since we’ve just ‘run into’ friends anywhere) or about the great BBQ’s by Karan, Claire, Jamon, Steph, Momo, Dodo, Ed, Renata, or the fantastic dinner cooked by Ray. But it all has the same theme. It’s all about the friends. It’s about knowing you can get together with incredible people after 1 year or even 10 years apart.

And to never take for granted the people that mean the most to you.

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