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The Original Hipster

It doesn’t take Fathers Day for me to think about my Dad. I do all the time. Rachel asked me the other day if all this talk about Fathers was making me sad. A valid question. Thinking about it I had to say no, it doesn’t make me sad. At […]

good stuff...


That’s the sound of Christmas whizzing by. It went as fast as it came. Mind you, its only the 27th and I still have another week off. Not to mention the parents are coming out this Thursday. So the holiday is still in full swing. I was muchos spoiled this […]

nothing better to do...

back on the plane.

my stay in Vancouver is short lived. today at 5:55pm, i’m back on a plane to the UK for 2 weeks. time to start packing… my initial concerns about the trip have now changed to anticipation. which obviously is a good thing. i’m the type of person who hates surprises. […]

the road less traveled

and so it goes…

well, rachel and i have already had a few drinks so this will be quick. not to mention, there is something wrong with this keyboard which is annoying me to no end… just got into our next town and will be here for a few days. not to sound like […]