One. Year.

One full year has passed since my last blog update.

There are moments when I think a year has passed incredibly quickly. At the same time it feels like it’s been a lifetime since I was here. Two Weeks Till Friday is a shadow of my past. I love that I can come back and see what I was doing, what filled my thoughts and my days over the past 10 years. It saddens me that I’ve lost my voice to really say anything anymore. I wish I could say that I’ve occupied my times with brilliant adventures, genius ideas or magical dreams… but I haven’t really. I guess that’s what makes this blog bitter sweet for me; a window to my past but nothing more. If anything, a reminder that I’ve become… complacent. Boring. Uninspired.

I don’t know if I even have the strength to re-invent this. Facebook seems to assuage my need to tell the world what’s going on in my head. And of course, the brevity of Facebook has made me lazy. So very lazy. I imagine one day I will lift my eyes from my ipad and realize I’ve lost a decade of my life reading other people’s status updates. And I will wonder if my status updates equals a life worth lived. I doubt it will… And that makes me sad.

Of course, ironically, I know that there is no one out there reading this anymore. Even if I could resurrect this page to something awesome… no one is left out there to read. I am literally typing to no one. How odd of me. I guess communication to other people was never really the point. Or it shouldn’t have been. It was about me talking to my future self. Passing a reminder of what I had for dinner last night or what my latest anxiety was all about… or what my dog did last week. Or, or or or… I think I always hoped others would read my blog but now that I’ve been away, and I go back and read the posts of yesteryear, I now know it was really all for me. It’s always been about me.

One year. Gone. So much has happened and yet so little. Such is life.

One. Full. Year.

That being said, I received an email from a friend the other day about a new app he is working on. It sounds… intriguing. Perhaps I’ll post about that next…

5 thoughts on “One. Year.

  1. Yes, thanks to RSS, I was also alerted to your new posts. I was more than a little surprised – I triple checked the date. But your posts have always been highly entertaining, and I welcome seeing new ones. And those photos of your friend in Hawaii are amazing. Amazing photos and entertaining writing – I reckon you should keep on blogging. Plus, I bet it makes your mom happy ;)

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