Week 40: Yaletown Ace Burger Bar

So we’ve now left the loft. Did my last cleaning sweep on Saturday. It was hard to leave. And not just because it was hard work! It was emotionally difficult.

Both Rachel and I were very attached to that place. We had put in so much work to get it to where it was when we left. Blood, sweat and tears. As I went through the place, cleaning the last remnants of our existence, memories would pop up wherever I looked. So many memories.

As I took my last echoed steps through the empty apartment, I found myself wondering what would be the last thing I was going to touch. What was the final image I would have as I went from room to room. The last time I’ll ever see the sun shine through the living room window. The last time…

It really does a number on my head if I think too much about it.

And now… we’re back in Yaletown. Living in half the space. It feels like I’m living in a hotel room. A fairly nice hotel room in an awesome part of town… But stll… a hotel room.

I just found out that around the corner is an A&W and a Memphis Blues. And between the two? A Dairy Queen. All just a short block away. Not to mention the gourmet burger place (Ace Burger Bar) which is right across the street. I haven’t seen a vegetable since Rachel left a week and a half ago. I’m almost craving a salad… almost.

Next weeks picture 52 will/should be from Australia. That’s if I can actually get all the things done that I need to before I leave on Thursday.

I can’t wait to get on that plane… and just fly… away…

3 thoughts on “Week 40: Yaletown Ace Burger Bar

  1. How long are you going to be in Oz? This isn’t one of those 6-12 month trips is it??

    Let me know if you and R are interested in a room at the lovely Westin in Sydney – happy to gift you a night!

  2. James! No, this is a 3 weeker trip for Rachel’s sisters’s wedding. My mom from Winnipeg is joining us!

    Thank you for your very generous offer. The Westin is a beautiful hotel. And trust me, we would normally take you up on that! We’ve rented a house though (as we’ll be with Mom).

    Next time? :-)

  3. Paul;

    Just jumped on this site for the first time in eons…got pre-occupied with all of life’s little pursuits and lost track of time I guess. Can you catch me up on everything that’s been going on in your life in the last three years…oh and could you be a dear and squeeze it into 500 words or less? Thanks Buddy! :)

    PS: Safe travels to and from Oz…

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